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Innovation and forward thinking can solve difficult marketing challenges. Our specialty products are redefining the way brands and companies reach and communicate with consumers. These automated solutions can address your most important priorities.

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.”
— Dean Kamen

Google Top 3

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The Google Top 3 advertising program allows you to select search terms and have them displayed in one of the top three spots on Google 100% of the time — all for a flat monthly cost.

This exclusive program is designed to drive customers to your website immediately and allow you to constantly dominate the terms that are vital to your business.

LinkedIn LeadGen

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LinkedIn should be a gold mine for companies, but many have yet to capitalize on it. Our turnkey LinkedIn LeadGen program helps companies large and small grow their business by starting valuable business conversations — giving your salespeople more time to sell.

Our tech-enabled service combines a repeatable process with software automation, giving your company the lead generation results you need in today’s competitive business environment.

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Digital Plus

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The nation’s first Virtual BDC includes both unlimited data, as well as personalized follow-ups, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our services focus on Abandoned Visitors, Geo-Fencing, Keyword and Category Contextual, Competitive Search Retargeting, Lot Manager and Skynet — a product that makes sure your business is not a victim of geo-fencing.

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Facebook BuyBack Sales Events

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Automotive dealers can now leverage the Facebook platform to drive sales using our five- or seven-day Focused Sales Events. A staff of experts (Cardone-certified managers who have held at least a GSM position at a dealership in the U.S.) set appointments with Facebook users who show up to your dealership and are ready to buy a car.

Full data transparency throughout the process provides complete end of campaign reporting. Stand out from your competition while enhancing your dealership’s sales performance.

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